The Tooth Fairy


Tasty and healing, the Tooth Fairy combines naturally analgesic and demulcent herbs to ease tooth and gum pain and promote the regeneration of healthy tissue. Sage, licorice root, slippery elm, clove, meadowsweet and myrrh gum makes a wonderful remedy for tooth ache, canker sores, sore throats, and teething gums, as well for softening the tissue around a loose tooth to encourage emission of baby teeth. For teething babies, brew and gently rub onto gums or pour liberally over chew rings, passifiers and teething necklaces.

Taste:  Sweet, pungent

Energy:-  =VPK, balanced, demulcent, astringent, analgesic

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Loose – 2oz, Loose – 4oz, Loose – 6oz, Sacked – 20, Sacked – 30, Sacked – 60, 5-Cup Boxes, 1oz Loose Tea Tin


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The Tooth Fairy
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