Formosa Oolong


Oolong are teas that are allowed to oxidize more than a green tea but less than a black. The long twisted leaves, a mixture of brown, black and red with bits of green and silver, turn a rich copper color as they steep. This organic Formosa Oolong falls between the luxuriant, highly complex (and expensive) Oolongs and the broth-like Oolongs served at Chinese restaurants. It is full bodied and well balanced, neither overly vegetal or floral and makes a strong, dark and satisfying brew.

Brewing Tips: The water should be 30 or 45 seconds just under a boil. A little Oolong goes a long way and is good for several infusions. Steep 2 to 4 minutes, longer for additional steeps.


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Loose – 2oz, Loose – 4oz, Loose – 6oz, Sacked – 20, Sacked – 30, Sacked – 60, 5-Cup Boxes, 1oz Loose Tea Tin


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Formosa Oolong
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