The Herban Cowboy


Been out too long on the range? Put the buckle back in your boots with this stimulating tonic of sarsaparilla, ashwaganda and astragalus root, infused with orange peel and schisandra berries to giddy you up! A great anytime or athletic tonic full of restorative, testosterogenic herbs that has come to be a popular men’s choice at the tea shop, but should not be avoided by all you cowgirls out there looking to spur your own stamina!

Taste: Clean, earthy, mildly fruity and pungent

Energy: =VPK, balanced, cleansing and restorative

Brewing Tips:-  Full of roots and berries, this blend is most effective with a long (5-10 minute) steep and remains a full tasting cup after two or three infusions. I like to garnish with fresh raspberries and an orange wedge added when steeping at the tea shop. The Herban Cowboy is particularly good iced as well totally refreshing this way after a workout!


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Loose – 2oz, Loose – 4oz, Loose – 6oz, Sacked – 20, Sacked – 30, Sacked – 60, 5-Cup Boxes, 1oz Loose Tea Tin


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The Herban Cowboy
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