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This selection of seasonal infusions is a great way to sample some Homegrown tisanes and find balance with the season. Dominated by the airy energy of Vata, autumn tends to be a time of great change and beginnings, and preparation for the winter to come. A focus on ironing out the future plans and schedules of this very busy time of year lends to feelings of anxiety and a hectic energy in our lives. What better way to offset the chaos than to stop and smell the roses! Homegrown's fall steeps are crafted with an emphasis on grounding, restorative and centering herbs, intended to help invigorate and nourish the abundance of creative energy flowing this time of year, and to help keep you focused on the blessing of the present moment. Take a minute (or 20) to sink in and find your balance with a delicious and healing cup -  then see where the wind might take you...

Available in four 5-cup boxes or loose in beautiful 1 oz tins is the following selection of Seasonal Steeps for Fall 2018: 

Fall Tonic - A grounding and restorative blend for the season of sarsaparilla, nettles, gotu kola, ginger, turmeric, elder berries and lemongrass.

Taste: Earthy, spicy and sweet

Energy: =VPK, balanced, nourishing and tonic

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 5 minutes or more.

Amla Berry Tart -  This fruity and spicy concoction of amla berries, hibiscus flowers, rosehips, cranberry, nutmeg, cardamom and dried Maine apple really takes the cake (or pie).

Taste:  Sweet, sour and spicy

Energy: =VPK, warming, carminitive

Brewing Tips:  Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 3-5 minutes. Sweeten if desired - wonderful as an iced tea!

Equinox Twist -  Organic red rooibos blended with sweet malva flowers, roasted cacao, fenugreek, vanilla and orange peel.

Taste:  Earthy, sweet, chocolaty

Energy: =VPK,  Stimulant, nourishing and carminitive

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over 1 tsp. - Tbsp blend. Steep covered 3-5 minutes.  OR: gently simmer like chai for a minute on your stovetop with 1 cup water and dairy or coconut milk. Sweeten to taste

Autumnal Chai - Organic Makaibari Darjeeling Autumnal flush, cinnamon, allspice and star anise.

Taste:  Sweet, spicy and earthy

Energy:  =VPK grounding, calming, carminitive, nourishing

Brewing Tips: Prepare like chai, bring 1 Tbsp blend and 8 oz milk or coconut milk to a gentle simmer on your stove top for 1 minute. Strain if needed, sweeten to taste.


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