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This selection of seasonal infusions is a great way to sample some Homegrown tisanes and find balance with the season. Spring is a time of year when a focus on cleansing the body and calming Pitta energy helps us shed the overabundance of winter ama, and avoid spring colds and allergies that tend to be common this time of year. Foods and herbs that encourage flow and purify the blood, in particular those having a tonic effect on the liver, are found naturally in abundance in our spring greens and early crops like asparagus, kale, dandelion and nettles. Homegrown's Spring steeps celebrate herbs and spices meant to invigorate and nourish, prepping the soil for a fabulous and healthy summer.  Happy equinox and enjoy!

Spring Tonic - A cleansing and nourishing blend for the season of milk thistle, dandelion, nettles, hibiscus, lemon balm, oat straw, sarsaparilla and dried orange peel.

Taste: Earthy, fruity.

Energy: =VPK, balanced, nourishing and tonic

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 5 minutes or more.

Shamrock Shift -  This uplifting concoction of damiana leaf, red clover flower, alfalfa, peppermint, jasmine and ginger is clean and awakening, with just the right kiss of warmth.

Taste:  Minty, floral, earthy and spicy

Energy: =VPK, cooling, carminitive

Brewing Tips:  Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 3-5 minutes. Sweeten if desired - wonderful as an iced tea!

Lavender Sunrise -  Organic Pai Mudan White tea blended with  cornflowers, lavender buds, bee balm and fenugreek.

Taste:  Earthy, clean, floral

Energy: +V-PK,  Stimulant, nourishing, cooling 

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over 1 tsp. - Tbsp blend. Steep covered 3-5 minutes.  

Caribbean Cocoa Tea - A Grenadian treat in a cup of roasted cacao, bergamot, cinnamon, bay leaf and coconut.

Taste:  Sweet, spicy and chocolaty.

Energy:  =VPK grounding, calming, carminitive, nourishing

Brewing Tips: Prepare like chai, bring 1 Tbsp blend and 8 oz milk or coconut milk to a gentle simmer on your stove top for 1 minute. Strain if needed, sweeten to taste.


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