Liver Toner

A tonic for the liver of milk thistle seed, astragalus root, nettles, burdock root, marsh mallow root, schisandra berries, jasmine flowers and mint. Strongly detoxifying and nourishing to the blood, this restorative tonic employs milk thistle, well known for its’ ability to help cleanse the liver and rejuvenate its’ strength and function. This blend is particularly balancing to the Pitta dosha(fire type in Ayurvedic medicine), with its’ emphasis on bitter, cooling and earthy herbs, and its’ intention for healing the liver, an organ system prone to disease through long term imbalance of Pitta energy.

Taste: Mildly bitter, earthy, clean and minty

Energy: =V, -P, =K, balanced, cooling, blood, liver and adrenal tonic, mildly testosterogenic

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