Green - Pu Ehr

This is a wonderful organic Pu Erh tea harvested from the wild, mountainous tea plants from the southwest of China. The wild leaf tends to be bigger and tougher than its cultivated cousin and has a more earthy flavor due to a slightly different chemical content. Pu Erh tea is also processed differently; the better ones allowed to age and oxidize much like an old red wine.

Although considered a green tea, it has the deep color and oxidized, slightly fermented taste of a black or 'red' tea. This is highly complex tea that strikes the palate with a robust, strong earthiness and finishes with a delightful nutty flavor. Highly aromatic and robust.

Brewing Tips:
For the boldest flavor, allow the kettle to sit a minute after boil. A little goes a long way. Steep for 2 - 4 minutes.

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