Vata Appetite Loss

A common affliction of the airy, overly creative, and ungrounded Vata type, as well as those overcoming long term illness or chemotherapy, is the loss of appetite. This blend combines codonopsis, used widely in Ayurvedic medicine for its' strongly carminative properties (encourages hunger and the flow of digestive juices) with cardamom, ginger, catnip, chamomile, fennel, slippery elm, and licorice root, all revered for their stimulant action on the digestive system and warming, grounding and restorative effect on the body.

Taste: Sweet, earthy and spicy

Energy: -V,=P, =K, Warming, grounding, carminative, nervine and anti-flatulent

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over herbs and steep covered at least 5 minutes.

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