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Sarah's Story

It was about a year after opening Homegrown Herb & Tea that I read a beautiful book called the Alchemist, by Paolo Coehlo. The book was about a boy who finds his Life’s Purpose by learning to read the omens of his universe. I started to think back to my own omens, the things that had brought me here, brought me to my passion of being a healer through the lost art of apothecary tea and a deep love for the ritual of a steaming hot brew. It was then a sudden memory of the inspiration for a cozy nook in my tea shop lit up my mind and gave me goose bumps.

I had lived in Spain in the late ‘90’s, pursuing what I thought was to be my own life’s purpose in Granada, Spain. I dreamed of living there, learning Spanish and becoming a teacher. And so there I was, making it all happen, yet I found myself strangely and profoundly depressed and unhealthy. I discovered a Morrocan tea house in downtown Granada where they served the most amazing mint tea. Huge, whole fresh sprigs of mint stuffed and steeped in an ornate silver tea pot and sweetened with plenty of golden, native honey. I remember so well the pure and simple pleasure of those healing afternoons. It was as though all my doubts, homesickness and worry just washed away with every soothing, minty sip. The experience was so overwhelming at times, so incredibly balancing, that it would actually bring me to tears. (At one point a server even joked that they “did not want to give me anymore morrocan mint tea!” “But why???” I asked to which he responded “It always makes you cry!”)

So now I realize, looking at the space I created in reflection of that wonderful place where I had the first of many love affairs with tea, that those memories were my omens, the little road signs showing me the path to wellness through the healing power of herbs and plants, and the magic of making an infusion with true intention. I realize woven very tightly in the details of that memory the power that a single herb can have on bringing us back to balance, back to the place where body, mind, and spirit celebrate in harmony, deliciously, in every thoughtful cup.