I opened the door of my tea shop to the Portland Maine community 18 years ago.

I opened the door of my tea shop to the Portland community 18 years ago. with the intention of helping people heal and balance their lives through the science of Ayurvedic medicine and the art of making medicinal herbal tea. Throughout these years I have crafted custom blends and mastered my art on the needs of thousands of different personalities and ailments, a process that always begins with a meaningful conversation, and ends with a meaningful and delicious cup of tea.

But the tea shop had its own intention, a deeper and more healing purpose than I could ever have imagined. She is that special space where we can all feel safe to share our illness, our heartbreaks, our healing process and experience.

She sits patiently holding and offering a collective wisdom so powerful and infinite that I now realize truly I am only the vehicle of it all. What has come to me in those four walls is exactly what I have to give; it is your stories, your suffering, your joy, your illness and your wellness that lead us to the path of well-being. It is that trust you have in this space, in me as the maker, your honesty and openness to sharing over the tea bar – that is the infinite power and healing wisdom.

So while I am forced in this modern world to extend myself, the vehicle, onto an e-commerce website where I will make tea for people I may never have that meaningful conversation with, I hope from these pages you feel the whisper of it, and know there is earth behind it all, love and meaningful human interaction in its roots, and the collective wisdom that goes into all of my concoctions.

They were made for you, invented by you, and I am so grateful to give that back to you in a tea cup, where I personally believe all healing begins.

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