The Hand Blended Difference

Homegrown Herb and Tea was created based on a strong philosophy for blending medicinal herbal teas in the tradition of the Old World Apothecary.

Not only is each infusion hand blended to order in small batches, but every ingredient is used within three months of its harvest to achieve the best possible freshness and complexity. 

You’ll find many herbs are left whole to preserve their aromatic quality and medicinal potency, and this is because a plant’s flowers, leaves, seeds and roots all contain protective skins and resins that preserve the volatile oils responsible for flavor and medicinal action.

Commercially blended teas, on the other hand, are ground mechanically and packed for mass production, creating a much blander and less therapeutic infusion that lacks the equally important intention, or energy, that comes from me literally making it for YOU.

So you see, as I fill your order, the energy of our collective intention is imparted and is the same well-being and good health with which I would have blessed your tea had you come into the shop and ordered a cup.
When enjoying an herbal tisane from Homegrown Herb and Tea, you know it was made by someone who truly cares about helping you find wellness. It’s as my Gram always taught me, love makes everything taste better and heal quicker..


House Specialty Blends

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