Seasonal Sampler

This selection of seasonal steeps is a great way to sample some Homegrown infusions and find balance with the season. With winter comes the cold, slow moving energy of Kapha to dominate our lives, and while this can be a wonderful time of year for rest and restoration, it's also an important time to keep the digestive and emotional spirits from falling too far down to earth. Emphasizing warming herbs and spices in tea and food will help encourage healthy agni and inspire the mood, making way for creative projects that feed our souls and help us get through a long and chilly winter. 

Homegrown's winter steeps are crafted with herbs to help invigorate the body, warm the spirit, and lift the mind. Enjoy in good health and in front of a crackling fire...  

Simple WinterTonic - A grounding and immune boosting blend for the season of echinacae, elder flowers, lemongrass, ginger and ginseng.

Taste: Earthy, spicy, sweet.

Energy: =VPK, balanced, nourishing and tonic

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 5 minutes or more.


Tisane of Resolution -  Organic damiana, jasmine flowers, gingko biloba, juniper berries, cardamom, black pepper, spearmint and sage.

Taste:  Pungent, floral, clean and spicy

Energy: +V,=P, -K, stimulant, warming, diuretic

Brewing Tips:  Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 3-5 minutes. Sweeten to taste.


Santa's Toddy - Organic Pai Mudan white tea, red rooibos, cinnamon, vanilla and marsh mallow root.

Taste:  Earthy, sweet, spicy 

Energy: =VPK,  Stimulant, warming, mildly diuretic

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over 1 tsp. - Tbsp blend. Steep covered 3-5 minutes.  


Trinity Chai - Organic Tulsi, chai spice, turmeric and star anise to be simmered like chai.

Taste:  Sweet, earthy and spicy.

Energy:  =VPK  warming, calming, carminitive, 

Brewing Tips: Prepare like chai, bring 1 Tbsp blend and 8 oz milk or coconut milk to a gentle simmer on your stove top for 1 minute. Strain if needed, sweeten to taste.



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