Seasonal Sampler


This selection of seasonal infusions are a great way to sample some Homegrown tisanes and balance the high Pitta energy of Summer. Marked by an overabundance of the fire dosha, summer brings a shift from the warm, damp qualities of spring time, to the peak of this fiery energy. Homegrown's  summer steeps are crafted to balance this transformative time of year, and celebrate cooling and nourishing attributes that put wellness on your side - enjoy in good health!

Available in four 5-cup boxes or loose in beautiful 1oz tins is the following selection of Seasonal Steeps for Summer 2017: 

Summer Tonic - A cleansing and restorative blend for the season  of homegrown bee balm, astragalus root, nettles, fennel, lemon grass, saw palmetto berries, spearmint and dried lemon peel.

Taste: Earthy, sweet and minty

Energy: =VPK, balanced, nourishing and tonic

Brewing Tips: Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 5 minutes or more.

Tinto Verano -  A flavor fiesta of amla berry, cardamom, elder berries, ginger, lemon balm and orange.

Taste:  Sweet, sour and mildly spicy

Energy: =VPK, cooling, grounding, carminative, mildly diuretic

Brewing Tips:  Pour boiling water over herb and steep covered 3-5 minutes. Sweeten if desired 

Don't Worry, Tea Happy Chai -  Kava kava root, holy basil, lavender, star anise, cacao and coconut milk.

Taste:  Chocolaty, sweet and floral

Energy: =VPK,  Calming, adaptogenic

Brewing Tips: Best prepared like chai - bring 8 ounces water and a splash of coconut milk to a gentle boil on your stove top. Sweeten to taste

Sunny Day - Five peaks Green Dew organic green tea infused with mint, jasmine and lime.

Taste:  Earthy, minty and floral

Energy:  +V=PK,  stimulant, cooling, diuretic

Brewing Tips: Let boiling water cool slightly and pour over herb. Steep covered 3 minutes or more.


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